There is nothing left to say

There are no words left to talk about the bears. It’s honestly the same problem every week and no one does anything to try and change it. Offense is a huge problem, but let’s just keep doing the same thing and hope we get lucky. That’s honestly what they have to be thinking. Instead of making a couple of play calling changes and try something new out. But no, let’s just do a three and out every time the offense goes out. If I were on the Bears defense I wouldn’t play. Truly. Watching our defense work as hard as they do and create turnovers for our offense is amazing to watch. Then to have our offense only be able to get 3 points out of it is pathetic. The Vikings were an easy team to beat, but we obviously can’t even do that. Looking towards the next game against the packers is a joke. We don’t have an offensive line, our top defensive player got hurt, and worst of all we are starting a no name QB. Who looked worse than a pee wee football player. There’s no shot that the bears come close to winning. I would put the mortgage on the Pack to win and it kills me to say it, but there’s no more lying to myself. Our team is trash other than our defense. No more complaining, just accepting the fact that there need to be changes made and I’m happy to have went 5-1 for this short amount of time. It was a fun run, but a short one. Chicago sports are going downhill so fast no one knows what to even think. I am actually really happy the Bears have a bye week this upcoming week so I don’t have another week ruined by their terrible playing. Just a nice week of betting and getting screwed on one bet to lose my parlay. Maybe time to pick a new team or something who knows. Just sad to see. Maybe something will come out of having a week off. But there’s no way I’m getting my hopes up for anything to do with the Bears.

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