Thursday, April 6th, 2017...1:32 am

Supplementing and Gaining

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Here’s a fact about nutrition, supplementing will only work when you actually eat well already. Nutrition is arguably just as important as your training so why is that we athletes think we can cheat the system and just use supplements and think we’re adequately eating? We don’t skip our workouts and we don’t cut our workouts short so why do we cut our eating and hydration? Well, I believe that it is because eating isn’t the most fun and to eat small and frequently is hard to do! To achieve our athletic goals it is important to have a smart and to actually have a nutrition and hydration plan. After all, the calories and nutrients we get from our supplements come from food itself. The food itself is often times higher in nutrients and more advantageous to your nutrition plan so it is more important to eat than consume.



Once you finally get your nutrition and hydration down then I recommend you start supplementing. It is hard to do so I get your struggle but you must. Once the nutrition is down then your supplements take you to the next level and help you even further. If you feel like it you can consume a multi-vitamin and fish oil before your nutrition plan is fool proof so that you can get the vitamins and minerals your diet may be missing.