Fasted Cardio

Fasted Cardio

In today’s blog we will be talking about fasted cardio. If you are unfamiliar with the term, let’s break it down. Fasting is the process of abstaining from certain foods or all kinds of foods for a period of time. This practice known as fasting started off as a religious activity. However, it has now led into the fitness world as it has shown great results for many people on their fitness journey. Cardio is the term used to describe any physical form of exercise that involves increasing the heart rate. So, when you put the two terms together, it is known as fasted cardio. This type of cardio is performed when your body is in a fasted state, meaning it is not digesting any food. This does not mean when you feel you have an empty stomach, but when there is no food in your body to be absorbed. Most of the time people prefer to do this type of workout in the morning so that their body is fasted overnight. However, this can also be done at night if you practice intermittent fasting. Below we discuss the benefits of fasted cardio and what it can do for your body!

Benefits of Fasted Cardio: 

  • Increased Calorie and Fat Burning 
  • Research has shown that exercising in a fasted state increases fat oxidation. This leads to more calories being burned at a faster rate.
  • Lose the Stubborn Fat 
  • Fasted cardio helps increase blood flow which leads to the stubborn fat areas. Therefore, it results in a greater fat mobilization
  • Decreased Insulin Levels 
  • Blood insulin levels reduce when the body is resting. This allows for fat to be used as energy rather than carbohydrates. This leads to an increased body fat loss.


  1. Only perform fasted cardio for 30-45 minutes. Working out on an empty stomach or in a caloric deficit for longer than this period of time can lead the body to become very fatigued. 
  2. Try to eat within 30 minutes of your fasted cardio workout. Make sure this meal contains protein in order to reduce protein breakdown and increase muscle synthesis. 
  3. It is important to intake protein after a fasted cardio workout. Preferably 30-40 grams of protein. For more information on what foods to eat after your workout click here to read our blog on pre and post workout nutrition! 

I feel it is important to mix up your workout routine every so often. So, if you are interested, I highly encourage you to try out fasted cardio. If you enjoy it it is something you can incorporate into your everyday workout routine. For more information about fasted cardio click here! Remember, your workout is your own! Make the best out of it and make it beneficial to you and your body. 

Do not get discouraged, 

Cora Shircel