Ways to Get More Exercise When You Don’t Have Time

Ways to Get More Exercise When You Don’t Have Time

As college students, working out can sometimes be the last thing on your mind, especially on the busy days. Working out can come last between studying, classes, working, and having down time for yourself. This blog will consist of ways you can find exercise in the small moments of the day and a basic 7-day workout plan that you can make your own. Planning your week out with how long you must work out and what you are going to do that day can make working out more motivating. Taking the small moments in the day to burn calories and multitask can also improve your health. 

Making Your Morning Coffee

  • Whenever you have a minute or two try doing a few squats or pushups. Start with 10 squats and 10 push-ups and repeat until your coffee or tea is ready. 

Walking Instead of Driving

  • Walking, running, or using your bicycle instead of using your car or public transportation when possible. As a college student, walking everywhere is common but it is easy to hop in your car and park close to where you need to walk, so ditch the car keys and get yourself moving!


  • Cleaning and organizing will get your heart rate up and can burn calories. Sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming can really work up a sweat and burn calories while cleaning your house. 


  • This might sound silly but sitting and clenching your abs for 10 seconds by clenching your muscles 5-10 times can improve your core strength. 

Brushing Your Teeth

  • While you are standing there brushing your teeth, do some squats or lunges. 

Weekly Schedule to Plan your Workouts: 

Day 1: Three 10-minute cardio workouts

Day 2: Two or three 10-minute strength workouts

Day 3Three or four 10-minute cardio workouts

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Two 10-minute cardio workouts, one 10-minute strength

Day 6: Two 10-minute strength workouts, one 10-minute cardio

Day 7: Rest

Other Tips:

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Take a short walk.
    • You can add lunges, jumping jacks, or squats to challenge yourself. 
  • Park farther away than your destination.
  • Do some yoga, pilates or ab workouts when you’re unwinding from your day in front of the TV. 
  • Stretch or some light yoga while talking on the phone or while your dinner is cooking.
  • At home yoga. 

If you want to learn more tactics to plan your workouts in your week, this article has some good methods to keep you on track. 

Strive for progress not perfection!

Kayla Withrow