Get out and smell the roses: The benefits of fresh air

Fresh Air PhotoBy: Eric Hess

Getting sick of sitting indoors and the terribly cold winter that we’ve had? Me too, but it’s finally getting warm enough to spend some quality time outdoors and reap the benefits of fresh air and the sun light. What are the benefits you ask? Well let me tell you a few!

Fresh air makes you smarter! Well not quite, but the oxygen in fresh air helps brain functions and helps you use more of your brain. Studies have proven that being outside for a certain period of time can help prevent ADHD, too.

Helps clean out your lungs. Inhaling fresh air helps clean out your lungs and allows for you to take deeper breaths. Which also allows for you to consume more oxygen into your body with your deeper breaths.

Better Sleep! Who doesn’t need better sleep? Giving yourself some time outside to relax, soak in the sunlight and breathe outside air can help your body make it through the day without being tired and also help you fall asleep faster at night.

Vitamin D. Fresh air will not give you this, but catching some sunlight rays will help get your daily dose of vitamin D. About 15-30 minutes of sunlight will usually do the trick. Vitamin D can help your bones form properly and can help reduce your risk for multiple bone diseases.

It is hard to find good quality fresh air. If you live in a city or even in a small town around a factory or a lot of cars, the quality of air can be less than if you were in a forest surrounded by oxygen rich trees and plants. In order to really benefit from fresh air, try and get out to a park or somewhere that is clean and full of trees and plants!

Yesterday you said tomorrow.
-Eric Hess

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