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Now UC Us: Dave Halbach

Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Dave Halbach and my pronouns are he/him. I’m the UC Assistant Director and I’ve been working here for 41 years now. What does an average day look like working for… Continue Reading →

Ballin’ On A Budget

by: Anna Cernohous Happy Halloween and spooky season! As college students, the Sunday scaries are no strangerand neither is how scary expensive it is to live away from your family. On top of tuition,rent/room and board, you have to find… Continue Reading →

Mini Spooky Pom-Pom Pals

Hello and happy spooky season! Stop by Roberta’s Art Gallery and pick up a kit to make your own mini spooky pom-pom pals, while supplies last. This kit includes three mini pom-poms and other supplies to make a pumpkin, a… Continue Reading →

Eating Vegan

We have all heard of individuals who choose to eat vegan, but what exactly does that mean? Eating vegan is defined as deciding to avoid consuming anything that comes from an animal such as honey, meat, eggs, and dairy products…. Continue Reading →

Who Were the Whitewater Spiritualists?

Written by: Carol Cartwright of the Whitewater Historical Society Edited by: Bailey Gaffney Many of the “spooky” legends of Whitewater may be traced back to real history.  For example, in 1889, Morris Pratt, a Spiritualist, built a “Temple of Psychic… Continue Reading →

How To Stay Motivated At The Gym

By: Hannah Johnson Making The Gym A Part Of Your Everyday Routine It can be hard for many people to find motivation or time to work out with school, work, or other matters. There is no one in this world… Continue Reading →

Ribbon Keychain

Welcome back to school, Warhawks! If you are looking for something to do in between your busy back-to-school schedule, looking to relax, or want to show off some Warhawk pride, here is a great back-to-school craft for you to do:… Continue Reading →

DIY Plant Pot Craft Corner

Back to school season is upon us! Moving back around campus means many opportunities to decorate your space. If you are a plant person, this DIY Plant Pot decorating craft would make the perfect newest addition to your back-to-school space…. Continue Reading →

Tie-dye Scrunchies

Combining two timeless trends: tie-dye and scrunchies! This craft is perfect for the summer, whether you do it on your own with friends, at a birthday or a grad party, at summer camp, the opportunities are endless!  I recommend purchasing… Continue Reading →

4th of July Garland

Necessities: Scrapbook paper Scissors Ribbon/string Hole puncher What are your plans for the Fourth of July? If you’re looking for a way to decorate, look no further! Here is a perfectly fitting craft for this month!  Step 1:  Pick out… Continue Reading →

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