POV: You are a college student who has just completed the fall semester. Something is missing, and college isn’t quite what you expected. You want to be more involved on campus, make a difference, meet more people, and grow through professional experience; While making memories that last a lifetime. 


Greek life on Whitewater’s campus stems back to the 1800s when fraternities were first introduced to campus. Later on, we had sororities on campus, meaning Greek life was ready to go full blast. The Greeks did just that. Throughout the century, Greek life at UW-Whitewater became something students strived to be a part of. Constantly growing and expanding, many do not know this, but Whitewater became a hotspot for Greek life within the state. 

Unfortunately, this reign of Greek life providing endless opportunities to students on campus became unpopular as time passed. That being said, the motives of Greek organizations have never changed. All Greeks strive to do the following…

  • Maintain above-average campus GPA 
  • Meet required volunteer hour requirements
  • Be involved in multiple organizations on campus 
  • Express inclusivity and diversity 

By meeting these standards, Greeks set themselves apart, always striving to grow as individuals and professionals. 

There is an unfortunate stereotype that students in Greek orgs take on. Well, I have some news, these stereotypes are not valid. Greeks are always looking to make a difference. These organizations are meant to bring people together and get them involved in something bigger than themselves. Having people to rely on, opportunities and a system to hold you accountable on hand at all times, in the form of a friend, is something irreplaceable. 

This semester, Fall 2022, Greeks have returned to their former status. This can be seen through the large recruitment classes that all Greek orgs have received. With both IFC and PHC welcoming over 100 new members to their families on campus, and NPHC looking to make a huge jump forward in the spring semester, there is only one thing left to say. Welcome to THE RETURN OF THE GREEKS. 

This past semester the Greek community showed Whitewater how large of an impact they have on the school and community. Whether it be… 

  • Welcoming and guiding new students and members through this confusing time in life 
  • Hosting fundraisers 
  • Giving back to countless amazing causes through philanthropy events 
  • Helping out the community by volunteering 

All of these aspects are what makes a Greek Complete. Of course, finding a place where one feels comfortable and safe is irreplaceable, but once you add in all the opportunities socially, professionally, and individually, well, then it becomes something that all students should at least consider. 

Almost all the time, those that join Greek life say that they never saw themselves joining when coming to college—followed up by how they would not change the experience for the world. Every greek organization has something unique and different to offer. Check them out and see if Greek life is just for you! You never know, you might just find yourself becoming a part of the RETURN OF THE GREEKS this coming spring semester.