By: Gavin Ziebell

With the weather finally starting to get warmer and summer right around the corner the best thing to do is be outside and enjoy the small window of warm weather we get. Here’s a list of 5 low-cost outside activities to do on or around campus.

Whitewater campus trails:
These trails stretch around campus starting by Perkins Stadium. These trails make a full loop around the Whitewater Nature Preserve. The trails include some very nice landscapes and will provide you with a decent workout. Be on the lookout for the rundown monkey bars that feel misplaced on the trails.

Frisbee/Disk Golf field:
The campus has its very own Disk Golf course, 18 holes too. Located between Lot 22 and the large rock entrance. The only out-of-pocket purchase needed is a disk, these can be purchased at the University Bookstore usually ranging from $10-$15. This course has quite a variety of “holes” including some uphill throws, around-the-bush throws, and to finish off with a long descent right where the course begins. Try to par and avoid the thorns!

Volleyball and tennis courts:
The sand volleyball courts are at this point a staple for our campus. If the weather provides it, students will be here day to night. In addition to working on your glorious serve, joining in on one of these games is a great way to meet people and help with the “being social” part of college. There are 2 sets of tennis courts, the courts over by The Williams Center are made from traditional concrete and the courts located by Esker are plastic. Any extra equipment needed can all be rented through the Williams Center.

University fountain:
This fountain is in the heart of campus between Hyland and our University Center. There are tables and chairs located around here and is a great place to relax before classes or even to take a break. Be sure to look at the variety of flowers that are blooming next to the fountain.

Surrounding our campus, there are multiple parks that are great walking destinations or alternative places to hang out. Some of these parks are Big Brick Park, Brewery Hill Park, and Cravath Lakefront Park. Cravath has a large open area perfect for pets and a great view of Cravath Lake.