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How To “Workout” Your Resolution

With the New Year in session, everyone has some sort of New Year Resolution. There are many different types of New Year resolutions that students would love to accomplish for the year. Admit it you’ve had a resolution, but somehow… Continue Reading →

Ten Reasons You Know You Go to School in Whitewater, WI!

1) Accessibility is easy to come by as we are the #1 ranked UW school for accessibility. The Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) is a huge part of that. As part of their mission, “CSD actively collaborates with students, faculty, and staff… Continue Reading →

How To Stay Motivated

The semester is in full swing, spring is around the corner and procrastination levels are slowly rising while motivation is slowly diminishing. You know what I’m talking about, as it gets nice outside you spend your time daydreaming out the window… Continue Reading →

How To Use Your Meal Plan

The UW-Whitewater student ID, officially dubbed the “HawkCard”, is a necessity for all students here on campus. The way the HawkCard works for meal plans and things of the sort can be a lot to digest (pun intended) during the… Continue Reading →

Quest for a Big 4 Internship

To many, the words “Big four” might sound random and unimportant. But to accounting students this means a lot more. The big four is basically 4 massive global firms that dominate the auditing, tax and consulting space. They are: Deloitte,… Continue Reading →

Whitewater Investment Group (WIG)

Are you looking to join a student organization in Whitewater that would without a doubt benefit you in the future? If you answered yes, please keep reading. If you said no, maybe I’ll be able change your mind. WIG is… Continue Reading →

How To Stay Awake In Class?

Maybe you’re an incoming freshman or a returning student but somehow you ended up having multiple 8AM classes. Due to this there may be days that it can feel like it’s impossible to stay awake during class. Maybe you pulled… Continue Reading →

Etiquette in the Weight Room

The weight room can be an intimidating place for many people. It’s a place where the advanced, beginners, and everybody in between go to train. Some of you maybe hesitant step inside thinking you may do something wrong and get… Continue Reading →

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