With the New Year in session, everyone has some sort of New Year Resolution. There are many different types of New Year resolutions that students would love to accomplish for the year. Admit it you’ve had a resolution, but somehow stopped working towards it. Well, I don’t blame you. Some of these resolutions are on the easier side while the rest are very hard to “workout” throughout the year. At the same time, people don’t know what type of workouts to do in the gym in order to meet their goal. Well, I’m here to help you out with that issue.

Abdominal Workouts:

Abdominal workouts are one of the main types of workouts people do on a daily basis. These workouts give people abs, and at the same time burns off excess fat that you do not want. Here are a few exercises you can do for abs to burn fat:

¾ Sit Ups Legs should be bent at the knees with hands behind head. Raise chest to knees while flexing your stomach. Repeat exercise for as many excess reps as you wish.
Abdominal Crunches Legs should be bent and in the air. Hands should be behind your head. Raise chest to knees while flexing abdominal area. Repeat exercise for as many excess reps as you wish.
Flutter Kicks (With Hands Under Glutes) Legs should be straight with hands under glutes. Legs should be six inches off of the ground. Kick legs in the air simultaneously. Repeat exercise for as many excess reps as you wish.
Air Bikes Lie flat on the floor with hands behind head. Bring legs up to where they are perpendicular to the ground. Cycle legs in the air like you’re on a bike with head and arms crunching to the opposite leg.


Cardio Workouts:

When a person mentions cardio workouts, they think, “no way Jose! I’m not doing that!” Well, cardio is actually a great way of training your heart, a good way to burn off some excess fat, and a great way to let off some steam. It may seem boring at first but give it a chance and in time you will see a difference.

Here are a few exercises that you can do in the cardiovascular area:

The Bike Cycle on the bike for at least 10 minutes on a resistance level you feel comfortable at.
Running Outdoors or on a Treadmill Walk for about two minutes. Then jog at a rate you are good at. (Rates may vary) in between your jog, you should add some 20 second sprints.
Jump Roping 30-60 seconds for 50-100 jumps. Do for as many times as you see fit.


Best Times to go to the Gym:

Now I know that the gym can be overcrowded at times. Whether it is a lot of people in there in general or the sports teams have reserved certain spots in the gym. Trust me, I know that this may take a toll on your productivity in the gym. Well, here are some times that you may want to consider going to the gym, when it is not overly crowded:


Williams Center Monday-Thursday: 6:00am-12:30pm;8:00pm-11:00pmFriday: 6:00am-12:00pm; 3:00-ClosingSaturday: Anytime-ClosingSunday: Anytime-Closing
Wells Building Fitness Center Monday-Thursday: 6:00am- 3:00pm; 5:00pm-7:00pmFriday: Anytime-ClosingSaturday: ClosedSunday: Anytime-Closing 


Working out for your resolution can be tough. You can reach your goals by motivating and disciplining yourself to do what you have to do. If you don’t have any motivation for the day, watch videos or talk to people who have experience doing these types of things on a daily basis. It’s up to you, Warhawks. You have what it takes.