Are you looking to join a student organization in Whitewater that would without a doubt benefit you in the future? If you answered yes, please keep reading. If you said no, maybe I’ll be able change your mind.

WIG is a student run, COBE certified organization that teaches individuals the basics to intermediate levels of investing capital. We believe everyone needs to be financially literate before they go out into the work force. We also believe that wherever you end up in life, the financial markets will affect your life one way or another. From financing a house, personal investing, college funds, retirement…etc.

So what can you expect to gain by being a part of this club?

  • We cover topics such as the basics of the stock market, Foreign Exchange Market, Technical Analysis and many more.
  • We also have a variety of professional speakers that attend to talk about the investment world. Last year we had an individual who worked at Goldman Sachs present.
  • WIG is one of the few organizations that has access to the Bloomberg lab in Hyland (it’s key card access only).
  • We also have a semester-long investing game that members are able to take part in to see who the best trader among them would be.
  • Once a semester, we take the top performing members in the club to Chicago free of charge. We spend one whole day touring a variety of firms in downtown Chicago. Some examples would be PWC, The Federal Bank, TD Ameritrade, The Chicago Board of Exchange and many more. After that we spend the rest of the day just touring and enjoying the city.
  • We are also a group of individuals that have a very distinct goal in mind, and that is to make money!

Overall, the goal of this organization is to provide students with a basic understanding of the stock market to be able to comfortably make future investment and financial decisions. So if you’re an individual that likes to make money trading the markets or you just want to start slow and learn the ropes, come check out WIG. Our meetings are held every Tuesday from 5pm-6pm in Hyland 2319. For more specific information you can contact them using the email or click here.