The UW-Whitewater student ID, officially dubbed the “HawkCard”, is a necessity for all students here on campus. The way the HawkCard works for meal plans and things of the sort can be a lot to digest (pun intended) during the students’ first couple of weeks on campus; so I’ve written this blog with my own expertise from working at the HawkCard Office in hopes to explain its purpose.


All students living in the residence halls that are under age 21 OR have less than 60 credits attained are required to have a meal plan. Meal plans range from fixed board plans (10, 14, 19, or 24 to use per week along with a small increment of Dining Dollars) to just Dining Dollar plans (i.e. $925 to spend per semester- this is loaded like cash on your card with a 10-15 percent discount on your food purchases!) to My Meals (information below).

*Special meal plans are offered to those who live in on-campus apartments; please contact the HawkCard Office for details.

How and Where to Use It

Fixed Meal Plans

With so many options available, it can be confusing at first to understand how and where to use your fixed meal plan as there are some restrictions.

The Fixed Meal Plan week starts each Monday with breakfast and runs through Sunday until 2am. This means if you have used your last meal on Sunday night, it will reset Monday morning so you can eat breakfast!

I have broken down how and where to use your plan in an easy-to-read table:

   Meal Meal Period  Swipes  Allowed  Where to Use Your Meal Plan!
     Breakfast  7am-  11am       1  Ike Schaffer Commons, Willie’s 360, CA Café, Esker  (weekdays), Drumlin (weekends)
 Lunch  11am-  4pm       2  Esker, Drumlin, Erbert & Gerberts, Prairie Street Café, CA  Café, Willies 360, Uno due Go (after 2pm)
 Dinner  4pm-  9pm       2  Esker, Drumlin, Erbert & Gerberts, Prairie Street Café, Uno due  Go
 Late        Night  9pm-  2am       1  Erbert & Gerberts, Prairie Street Café, Uno due Go

*Actual dining hall hours may vary. *Refer to signs posted in dining facilities for meal options or ask the cashiers.

*Guest meals can be used starting Thursday at dinner through 2am Sunday.


Dining Dollar Meal Plans

These plans are very simple; it is like using a debit card! It can be used for any food purchases except vending machines. At the Dining Halls, a Dining Dollar plan will save you 15%. At all other campus locations, you will save 10%. Just make sure to watch your spending!


My Meals

The My Meals program is meals offered in blocks to commuter students or to those who are not required to have a meal plan but still want to eat on campus some-what regularly. Increments are available at 25 ($179), 50 ($358), or 75 ($537) My Meals. After enrolling in one of those plans, you are able to add in increments of 10 My Meals at $71.60. Those are ideal for the closing of the school year as meals are non-refundable and expire at the end of each academic year. My meals are awesome because they have very little restriction as far as usage goes.

Click here to view the My Meals Brochure and see what food options are available for you!

Also, don’t forget about Purple Points and Add-On Dining Dollars! Read more about all of these things at: