Maybe you’re an incoming freshman or a returning student but somehow you ended up having multiple 8AM classes. Due to this there may be days that it can feel like it’s impossible to stay awake during class. Maybe you pulled an all-nighter studying or you’re just bored in class. This could be a problem because it could start affecting your grades and overall understanding of the material. Below I have put together some tips that you could use to stay awake. So without further delay, let’s get started!

Morning routine

  • Make it a habit of going to sleep in a timely manner so that you end up getting at least 6-7 hours of sleep.
  • Keep your phone away from your bed so that you won’t be tempted to hit the snooze button and go back to dream land when the alarm goes off.
  • Take a nice cold shower, because this will wake up your body and make you feel refreshed.
  • When walking to class early in the morning, wear your headphones and listen to some pump-up music.

Eating Breakfast

  • Eat something before heading out to class. I recommend you either cook your own food or visit a dining location like Ike Schaffer Commons located in the UC or the Esker dining hall. Make a conscious effort to eat foods high in protein like eggs and ham. Try to stay away from eating food that contains a high amount of sugar in the morning.
  • Avoid drinking energy drinks or soda because they will make you crash after a brief spike in energy levels.

Staying awake in class

  • Sit in the first two rows when you walk into class. This will make you motivated to pay attention to the instructor.
  • If you have been sitting for a while and you’re feeling sleepy, get up and go to the bathroom. This will give you an opportunity to take a break from all the notes and time to stretch a little bit.
  • If you are daydreaming, that will eventually turn into real dreaming. Try to take notes, so that it will keep you focused on the material and less focused on how tired you are.
  • If you’re still feeling sleepy, try chewing peppermint flavored gum. This will help you stay awake if you’re lagging.
  • If you’re still lagging behind, gently pinch yourself on the forearm or under your knee. This will help you be more alert.