By: Molly Thomas

We are almost to the end of the Fall 2021 semester, and the holiday season is here! Most of us college students have to pinch pennies around the holidays, and if you’re in need of affordable gift ideas, look no further! I have a few gift ideas for college students to both give and receive this holiday season.

Make their favorite food or desert

A simple and wholesome gift people may not think of is making a loved one their favorite food or desert! You can even wrap it up in festive holiday wrap and gift it to them with their favorite drink. This is a simple gift but works as a kind gesture since you’d be gifting your loved one of their favorite things!

Gift Mug

For those of you who may not enjoy cooking, a gift mug would be a good idea! A festive (or not) mug filled with goodies can work as a great gift for anyone because of the personalization that’s available. Choose a theme that fits them, and get related small goodies to fill your mug with. You could get their favorite candy, a gift card to their favorite restaurant, travel sized toiletries, the ideas are really endless, as long as they fit in the mug of course!

Home goods/decorations

Home goods are great to both receive and give as a college student. Especially during the wintertime, blankets are a good gift idea that anyone would appreciate. Throw pillows, wall decorations, and lights are also good ideas one could put up in their home.


This holiday season, give someone the gift of a plant! This is a unique gift since it gives someone the opportunity to take care of their own plants. If you’re nervous they won’t understand how to properly care for their plant, succulents are a great idea as they don’t require much sunlight or water. A cactus would be great for someone who’s not so plant savvy.

I hope this gave you some unique holiday inspiration! It can be hard to think of different gift ideas every year, but with these few ideas hopefully you can find an affordable and personal gift for your loved one this holiday season.