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Tips for Landing a Summer Internship

By: Molly Thomas It’s the late spring, and hopefully you have a job lined up for the summer. If not, don’t freak out yet! Read up on some tips to land a summer internship, which can obviously be applied to… Continue Reading →

Earth Friendly Living- Stepping into Sustainability

By: Bailey Gaffney With Earth Day coming up, I want to give people a few ideas of ways that they can work on making their dorm or apartment living a little more earth friendly! Although it seems like sustainable living… Continue Reading →

A Lazy Person’s Guide to Working Out

By: Lainah Mangwiza Lazy productivity creates a bit of an oxymoron. However, the logic behind this phrase is rooted in the idea that laziness approaches productivity by finding the most efficient and least energy demanding solution. With summer preparation underway,… Continue Reading →

Curing Your Winter Blues

By: Emma Norton If you are like me, everything gets a little bit harder in the winter. It’s a little harder to get up in the morning, a little harder to feel motivated, a little harder to get work done…. Continue Reading →

The History of Valentine’s Day

By: Anna Cernohous Happy Valentine’s Day! In this day and age, most people associate the holiday with chocolate, hearts, love, roses, gifts, and so on. It wasn’t always that way. The origin story has been recounted in different ways and… Continue Reading →

Gift Ideas for College Students

By: Molly Thomas We are almost to the end of the Fall 2021 semester, and the holiday season is here! Most of us college students have to pinch pennies around the holidays, and if you’re in need of affordable gift… Continue Reading →

Trips to Take in Your Twenties

By: Lainah Mangwiza Currently, you are at an age where you no longer fit in at the kids’ table but are also not constrained by the major decisions that dictate adulthood such as a mortgage. You are in your 20s,… Continue Reading →

Tarot: A Brief History

By: Miles Duckert It is believed that Tarot cards originated in Italy in the late 14th or early 15th century. Tarot Decks consist of two sections – the Minor Arcana and the Major Arcana. The Minor Arcana is the basis… Continue Reading →

Wisconsin Haunted Road Trip

By: Bailey Gaffney I’m sure that by now, most of you have heard about all of the spooky things that happen here in Whitewater. If you haven’t, I recommended reading some of our other blogs such as “Who Were the… Continue Reading →

Ballin’ On A Budget

by: Anna Cernohous Happy Halloween and spooky season! As college students, the Sunday scaries are no strangerand neither is how scary expensive it is to live away from your family. On top of tuition,rent/room and board, you have to find… Continue Reading →

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