Summer has officially started and it is a blessing and a curse when it comes to staying motivated. So what exactly does motivation mean? Motivation is defined as a desire, reason, or willingness to behave or act in a particular way. Staying motivated can mean so many different things and will vary for each person.

Some individuals are motivated by a timeframe while others might be motivated by their feelings. For example, someone motivated by a timeframe might have a goal of being promoted at their job within two years or losing a certain amount of weight by a certain date. Someone who is motivated by their feelings might exercise because it increases their energy levels or they might be motivated to complete a project because it entails researching something they are very interested in.

To help yourself stay motivated, ask yourself the million dollar question: How do you really want to feel? When you focus on how you want to feel, it is easier to stay motivated and on track to accomplishing your goal. In society there is a skewed perception of what motivation really means and motivation does not mean forcing yourself to live a healthy/fit lifestyle. Let your activities and eating habits be guided by how you want to feel. For most of us we just want to feel happy, healthy, and energized.

So, what can you do to start feeling happy, healthy, and energized? Thus leading to a more motivated version of yourself…

  • Take a walk or hike
  • Increase your fruit and vegetable intake
    • Make a smoothie and hide some spinach or kale in it
  • Listen to music
    • Put on some music to help motivate yourself to complete your next task
  • Read positive affirmations
    • Your mentality is a huge player in creating motivation
  • Anything else that makes you happy or puts you in a good mood

If you need to complete a task that is not your favorite and you need some ‘motivation’, complete an activity, read, or listen to something that lifts your spirits. You will surely have more motivation once you are in a good mood.

– Rachael Omdoll, Campus Dietitian