By: Bailey Gaffney

As spring semester comes to an end, it can be stressful and hard to think of ways to make some money over the summer months. But, with businesses and places starting to slowly open up, there might be more opportunities to work than you think. To make the job hunt a little easier, here is a list of places to look and some jobs right here in Whitewater that can be some of the best summer jobs for college students.

Before I get into a list of the best summer jobs for college students, here is a list of ways to find jobs near you!


Handshake is a lot like LinkedIn and Indeed, but is unique in the aspect that it was created for college students. When you enrolled in courses here at UW-W, your NetID Log-in automatically became your login for Handshake! How cool is that! Handshake can be used to find you campus, local, national or global jobs; and is the most common way that students apply for on campus jobs, like the ones that we have right here in the UC. This is also a great way to find internships, as companies near Whitewater often post their openings on here, and Whitewater also posts the internship availabilities that they have for those looking to stay in the area. If you haven’t already, go onto your Handshake profile and start your job hunt!


Indeed, is another platform where you can find job openings. This platform will show you other job opportunities outside of campus opportunities. The locations can also be set to places across the globe, making this a great option for those that are not going to be in Whitewater this summer.


LinkedIn in a great platform to grow your professional presence on. By following some of the companies you would like to work for one day, you are creating an opportunity for yourself to be one of the first people notified when they are hiring. LinkedIn, like Indeed, also has a job tab where you can set the location to show you jobs right here in Whitewater, or all over the globe. This is also a great way to find an internship, if you are looking for one this summer, or a year-round one to start in the fall. If you don’t already, I highly suggest creating your LinkedIn profile today!

Now that you have an idea of the most common and easy ways to find jobs or internships near you, here is a list of jobs to consider trying out this summer!

Best jobs for college students:

  • UC student worker- the UC is currently hiring! Click HERE to see what we have available and to apply today!
  • Waitressing – perfect for those staying in Whitewater over the summer or going back home!
  • Tutor- UW-W is currently hiring tons of tutors, check your Handshake profile to see what’s open!
  • Summer Camp Counselor- just by doing a quick Google search you can find summer camps that are hiring all over the country!
  • Receptionist
  • Babysitting/Nannying- you can visit to simplify your search for open babysitting and nanny positions!
  • Daycare worker
  • Ice cream shop worker
  • Life guard
  • Retailer
  • Dog walker/pet sitter- is a great website to sign up for if you’re interested in this! It’s like, but for dogs.
  • House sitter
  • Landscaping
  • House painter
  • Warehouse associate- Amazon is hiring and has a lot of great opportunities to make good money, and possibly grow into the business in the future!  
  • Uber Eats
  • Door Dash
  • Insta Cart
  • Bartender
  • Cleaning staff- This could be at a hotel, or for school custodial staff, either one is a great summer job option.

Reasons to work in the UC:

Unsure about why you should consider working #InTheUC? Here are a list of top reasons why students love their job!

  • Flexible schedule that YOU make! During the semester, courses come first. You create your schedule around your course schedule and can adjust it as necessary. Need extra time to study for an exam? No worries, most positions have the flexibility to give you more time to do so!
  • Year-round working option! One of the best parts about working in the UC is you can decide if you want to only work during the semester, or year-round. You also get all major holidays off and can take vacations!
  • Great resume builder! By working #InTheUC, you are getting hands on experience in the work force, which is a great thing to have as a new college graduate. By showing future potential employers that you were able to apply the knowledge you learned in the classroom while attending UW-Whitewater to a job, shows how great of an education you got. There are also great leadership opportunities while working in the UC as well, from committee opportunities and the chance to earn certificates!
  • Amazing people! One of the biggest reasons that people like myself chose to work in the UC, is because of the amazing people that work here. On top of gaining real world experience in my position, I am also growing my network by meeting new people every day. You’ll hear from a lot of people that the most important part of any industry, is to have the ability to connect to those around you. Working in the UC creates great opportunities for that!

And so much more! Overall, it may seem hard to find summer work options near you. By looking at the sites listed above and keeping your eye open for job postings that interest you, you’ll be able to find a summer job or internship in no time!