Have you ever walked into someone’s home to see beautiful, lively plants all over and wonder how this person developed such a green thumb? I think this every time I go over to my grandma’s house. Plants liven up a room and have proved to show health benefits. Whether you’ve never had a plant, can’t seem to keep a plant alive, have a green thumb for plants, or are interested in starting a plant collection this blog is for you! The following houseplants are almost impossible to kill, making them easy for anyone to look after! 


This succulent is the complete package, not only is it cool-looking; it also has medicinal properties as well! Aloe likes temperatures between 55 and 80 degrees, making it a perfect houseplant because room temperature fits into that range! Aloe needs a lot of sunlight, so be sure to place it in a sunny part of your house. This houseplant only needs to be watered when its soil is completely dry, as aloe prefers dry soil.


This houseplant is one of the most popular indoor plants. The snake plant is also called mother-in-law’s tongue due to its long vertical-growing leaves. The snake plant can grow in a range of different lighting conditions. This plant does best at room temperature and should only be watered when the soil is completely dried. This is one of my favorite houseplants that I own, I love the way the leaves look like a group of little snakes rising from the pot.


I hate spiders, but don’t let the name of this plant fool you. This houseplant does not attract spiders, it’s only called the spider plant because the offshoots at the end of the plant’s stem look like a spider! This plant can tolerate low light and only should be watered when the top two inches of soil are dry. The spider plant is a great indoor plant because it helps remove toxins from your house! 


This houseplant is almost impossible to kill. The jade plant retains water in its leaves, meaning it can survive around a month without any care. Jade plants flourish in the sun so be sure to put it next to your aloe plant in a sunny spot! This plant only needs to be watered when the soil is completely dry. A jade plant’s life expectancy is seventy to one hundred years!


Air plants are very unique, this is because it grows without any soil. Every one to two weeks air plants should be soaked for around fifteen minutes in room temperature water. Once a week the air plant should also get misted with water as well. The dryer the air is the more you will need to mist your air plant. Air plants are still like any other plant and need several hours a day of bright, indirect sunlight. Air plants can live in a bowl or anything without soil. This plant makes a great addition to a houseplant collection because of how unique it is! 

These are just a few of the many easy, low-maintenance houseplants that anyone of any experience with plants can care for. I hope this inspired you to go to your local gardening store and expand or start your houseplant collection!