College Basketball and the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Bring on the rivalries that we have been waiting since March to see! The most wonderful time of the year is here and I'm not talking about just the holidays-I'm talking the return of college basketball! I am so excited for it to finally be back! (There may be an excessive use of the exclamation mark but I really don't care.) You can argue with me all you want but the college basketball season is so much better than the NBA season. This is a time to see kids live out there dreams at playing at the next level after high school. But now that it is back, let's look at where these teams are. Wisconsin Badgers Last year, this team when

Thanksgiving NFL Football

In the age of Covid, a lot of things that we took for granted have had to be reimagined due to not being to interact with as many people. One of the biggest things that we will have to get used to is not having large family gatherings for the holidays, but one of the things that is still the same is the annual NFL Thanksgiving games. Lions vs Texans The first game of the day started off with the team that invented the idea of Thanksgiving football games, the Detroit Lions, and the team that has been trying to get back to winning football games after their head coach was fired a few weeks into the season. In a game that

NBA Draft 2020

In a year that saw no NCAA tournament but a few games into conference tournaments, 2020 has not been a kind year to college basketball. For one, they couldn't even host a tournament. This is the one thing that America looks forward to every year, but without it our nation's spring was quite boring without sports. Many players have worked hard to get to draft night, but there were many surprises when it came to draft night. Big East Snubs The biggest story line has to be that both Myles Powell from Seton Hall and Markus Howard from Marquette went undrafted. These two easily were some of the hardest workers and players in the conference and they both went undrafted? Now that

Baseball Awards from a Shortened Season

Covid-19 is something that has affected us all personally, either yourself getting it or a family member getting. One thing is for sure though, it had major implications on all of sports this year. This past week, the Baseball Writers Association of America came out with their awards like the MVP and the CY Young awards, with a new award being given out each day of the week. Rookie of the Year The Rookie of the Year awards is that one award that is about the equivalent of the CY Young Award. Earning this award is promising because it's basically saying that the writers want to see these players continue to be great. For the National League, it was Milwaukee Brewers relief

Packers and the 49ers

I'm shocked that it has taken me this long to talk about the Green Bay Packers on this blog, but now I think is the right time for it. In a game that I thought we had some good odds in, granted San Francisco barely had enough offensive players to play in this game, it is still nice to know that we can get revenge on them from last year. Last Year In a season that saw both of these teams in the playoffs-one team ultimately going onto the Super Bowl, this is the match-up that most people wait to see. Both times that these two teams played each other last year, the 49ers won, including the playoff game. San Francisco had

World Series Recap

Well, to end an interesting Major League Baseball season, we all knew it was going to take time for something to happen. I should start off by saying congratulations to the Los Angeles Dodgers for winning the World Series 32 years after the last time they won. You guys put up a fight against the Tampa Bay Rays, pushing the series to six games but we all know it would have been awesome if it went seven. But let's focus on some more interesting stories. Justin Turner Let's just start with the obvious shall we? Justin. Turner. If you don't know the drama that went on there, let me catch you up to speed. In the 8th inning of Game 6, Justin

Big 10 and the Badgers are Back Baby!

If you are like me and are a huge fan of Wisconsin sports, then you know that there was a major moment that happened on Friday last week. The Big 10 conference is back and I think America is finally happy once again. The Kansas Kannon We all know that freshman quarterback Graham Mertz had some wicked talent, but I didn't realize this kid has some skills. He tied the record for most completions that was set by my favorite quarterback of recent history Tanner McAvoy at 17 before his first incompletion of the night but he still finished with a stat line of 20/21 for 248 yards with five touchdowns. If you can come out in your first game as

The NBA Finals…and a Victory Everybody Saw Coming (I hope)

I'm just going to outright say it-the NBA is the worst out of all of the professional leagues that are out there. Having said that, I really was hoping for the Miami Heat to win this and turn Lebron into a cry baby. Am I happy that this is finally over and it feels like a normal fall season with football and baseball going on? Absolutely. Do I wish that there wasn't a national pandemic happening/social justice movements going on? Even more so. Ratings took a hit While some people actually find the NBA to be appealing, I for one am not a fan. I think it all started when I was younger and went to a few Bucks games because I

Why Go Golfing?

People just think that golf is the rich man's sport and is not very interesting. This is where you are entitled to your opinion about it. Golf can be a very dramatic sport in who is in the playoffs for that match or seeing some amazing shots being taken. Jon Rahm vs. Dustin Johnson Back in the last weekend of August, during the BMW Championship, there was an epic putt made by Dustin Johnson to force a playoff round against Jon Rahm. Even though Dustin wasn't that far from the hole, he still made an incredible putt because, let's face it, if you have ever golfed before, you know putting is the hardest/worst thing to do. Jon Rahm also had a little

Baseball Playoffs in the Year of COVID-19

We all know that this baseball season was going to something like none other. The pandemic changed so many thing and now one of the biggest things to be affected is sports. As the world has adapted to the virus, sports have adapted to being without fans and playing only certain teams in certain areas. When they announced that baseball would be coming back, in their shortened season, they made sure to give everyone a fair shot at it. They expanded the playoffs from 5 teams from each division to 8 teams. The Breakdown With all of the teams that could have benefited from this expanded playoffs, it still didn't surprise me as to who all made it in. Each division had