NBA Draft 2020

In a year that saw no NCAA tournament but a few games into conference tournaments, 2020 has not been a kind year to college basketball. For one, they couldn’t even host a tournament. This is the one thing that America looks forward to every year, but without it our nation’s spring was quite boring without sports. Many players have worked hard to get to draft night, but there were many surprises when it came to draft night.

Big East Snubs

The biggest story line has to be that both Myles Powell from Seton Hall and Markus Howard from Marquette went undrafted. These two easily were some of the hardest workers and players in the conference and they both went undrafted? Now that bothers me. As a follower of the Big East conference, it shows that there is not a huge following to it if both of these players go undrafted. They both had career number in games as well as set school records and made records within the conference all time greats. There should have been at least one of the players getting drafted, but Howard did end up signing with the Denver Nuggets to hopefully make a spot on the team.

Bucks Draft Picks

The biggest thing for the Bucks that night was drafting Jordan Nwora out of Louisville. He was a good player for the team and had many great games for the ACC conference. Hopefully this draft pick won’t be a bust like our last draft pick (I’m looking at you Donte DiVincenzo). I know the Bucks are trying to build a team around Giannis to finally get a championship back to Milwaukee, but the biggest thing is finding a good guy that will help improve the team in the future.

Hopefully the Bucks will have a good season again this upcoming year as well as the best of luck to Howard and Powell on their next steps as professional players. May the NBA actually have a decent season and hopefully the ratings go back up again for them.

One thought on “NBA Draft 2020

  1. I wasn’t really impressed with this years draft class either. As a Chicago Bulls fan, I wasn’t too happy with who we ended up drafting 4th overall. Patrick Williams went to Florida State and was a sixth man. That’s one of the main reasons why I was upset with our pick. I feel like we wasted a top 5 pick in the draft on this guy who came off of the bench. I know I’m saying awfully a lot about this guy since I don’t know much about him, but hopefully he plays a big role for Chicago. I’m not saying he is a good or a bad player, I just think we could have picked up a better draft pick.

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