World Series Recap

Well, to end an interesting Major League Baseball season, we all knew it was going to take time for something to happen. I should start off by saying congratulations to the Los Angeles Dodgers for winning the World Series 32 years after the last time they won. You guys put up a fight against the Tampa Bay Rays, pushing the series to six games but we all know it would have been awesome if it went seven. But let’s focus on some more interesting stories.

Justin Turner

Let’s just start with the obvious shall we? Justin. Turner. If you don’t know the drama that went on there, let me catch you up to speed. In the 8th inning of Game 6, Justin Turner was pulled from the game. Turns out in the middle of the game, it was revealed that he tested positive for the virus and that was why he left for the remainder of the game. Afterwards when the team won the series, Turner rejoined the team to celebrate without a mask and no regards about his health. There is a special place for people like this and I am not a fan of them.


Now since this issue has arisen, then there comes the problem of the teams being stuck in Texas because of Turner. Now all of the teams and personnel are stuck there until they can figure out how many of them are infected with the virus. There really shouldn’t be any issues because they were in bubbles for the last 3-4 weeks. So the question becomes how did the virus get into the bubble?

The baseball season is finally over but now its only around 150 days until we get to see baseball on our screens again, hopefully not shortened due to a pandemic and we get the full 162 games that all of the fans and players want.

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