College Basketball and the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Bring on the rivalries that we have been waiting since March to see! The most wonderful time of the year is here and I’m not talking about just the holidays-I’m talking the return of college basketball! I am so excited for it to finally be back! (There may be an excessive use of the exclamation mark but I really don’t care.) You can argue with me all you want but the college basketball season is so much better than the NBA season. This is a time to see kids live out there dreams at playing at the next level after high school. But now that it is back, let’s look at where these teams are.

Wisconsin Badgers

Last year, this team when on to become the Big 10 conference champions led by a team of Brad Davidson, Aleem Ford, Bevin Pritzel, D’Mitrik Trice and Nate Reuvers. This team was a lot of fun to watch just because of all of the explosiveness that they brought to the court. It was a lot of fun watching this team because they knew how to stand out as well as be aggressive out there as well. This year, the team is returning most of the guys minus Pritzel (due to graduation) but this team is coming back and looking to take down their biggest opponent in Luka Garza. I love watching this team and they have shown how much they have grown last year and continuing it into this year.

Marquette Golden Eagles

This team is going to go through an identity crisis this year. This isn’t the Markus Howard Show anymore, but this team is going to rely on this core group of freshman as well as their seniors in Theo John, Jamal Cain, and Koby McEwen. It is going to be interesting to see how this team blossoms this year. I feel that this freshman group is going to be the one the makes this team into a good team to be competitive within the Big East conference.

With the start of the season underway, there is still a lot of room for these teams to grow and expand their knowledge as they look to the final goal of making the NCAA tournament. It is impressive when you make it into that tournament, but also it is hard enough to get in. Both of these teams have the potential to make the tournament in their own respects, but it still is the beginning of the season and there is a lot that can happen (thanks covid). Let’s just hope we can have a tournament this year, even if it means following The Basketball Tournament’s bubble style.

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  1. I loved this post! I have recently started to agree with the statement that college basketball is better than the NBA.

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