Big 10 and the Badgers are Back Baby!

If you are like me and are a huge fan of Wisconsin sports, then you know that there was a major moment that happened on Friday last week. The Big 10 conference is back and I think America is finally happy once again.

The Kansas Kannon

We all know that freshman quarterback Graham Mertz had some wicked talent, but I didn’t realize this kid has some skills. He tied the record for most completions that was set by my favorite quarterback of recent history Tanner McAvoy at 17 before his first incompletion of the night but he still finished with a stat line of 20/21 for 248 yards with five touchdowns. If you can come out in your first game as the starting quarterback and do that, you get instant brownie points in my book. Mertz was all over, making sure he was connecting with different guys and still making these plays. I am ready to see what this kid has up his sleeve for this away game at Nebraska.

Team Identity

For a moment during this game, I didn’t recognize this team. There are so many new guys that are stepping up and filling some big shoes to who was previously in the spot. The biggest thing for me coming into this game was seeing who was going to be the running back because there is no more Jonathan Taylor in that position. Garrett Grosheck was amazing to watch as well because he was showing flashes of greatness as well as Mertz relying on him a lot too for the deeper passes.

I know it was only the first game of the season but if the team can keep this up every week, this team better be considered for the College Football Playoffs. The biggest test is when it comes time to play Michigan but if we can still succeed then, I think this team will have one of its best years, even if it is a shortened season.

2 thoughts on “Big 10 and the Badgers are Back Baby!

  1. They really looked good out there but like you said it’s hard to see how good this team is until we play Michigan.

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