Thanksgiving NFL Football

In the age of Covid, a lot of things that we took for granted have had to be reimagined due to not being to interact with as many people. One of the biggest things that we will have to get used to is not having large family gatherings for the holidays, but one of the things that is still the same is the annual NFL Thanksgiving games.

Lions vs Texans

The first game of the day started off with the team that invented the idea of Thanksgiving football games, the Detroit Lions, and the team that has been trying to get back to winning football games after their head coach was fired a few weeks into the season. In a game that started off with turnovers, and J.J. Watt scoring a touchdown for the defense, then the Lions tried to come back but there were a lot of struggles on their side. The final score of the game was 41-25 with the Texans winning the game.

Washington vs Cowboys

The second and final game of the day was the Washington Football team verses “America’s Team” the Dallas Cowboys. I feel like there is always the game that people won’t watch because it is the game between two teams that have some of the worst records in the league. This game wasn’t all that exciting to watch but from what I did see, Washington did have the upper hand against the Cowboys, and won by a final score of 41-16. Like I mentioned, this was the final game of the day because the Ravens and Steelers was cancelled due to a Covid outbreak in the Ravens’ organization.

Thanksgiving and the holidays are going to look different this year but in the end we are all going to be surrounded by family and friends.

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