The NBA Finals…and a Victory Everybody Saw Coming (I hope)

I’m just going to outright say it-the NBA is the worst out of all of the professional leagues that are out there. Having said that, I really was hoping for the Miami Heat to win this and turn Lebron into a cry baby. Am I happy that this is finally over and it feels like a normal fall season with football and baseball going on? Absolutely. Do I wish that there wasn’t a national pandemic happening/social justice movements going on? Even more so.

Ratings took a hit

While some people actually find the NBA to be appealing, I for one am not a fan. I think it all started when I was younger and went to a few Bucks games because I won free tickets, granted at the time the Bucks were not good and frankly nobody cared because it was the same old guys out on the floor giving no room for the young talent that was coming up. But this year, between the virus, the social justice movements, and just everything else that was going on, the basketball ratings took a major hit this season. One report that came out said they dropped by over 50%. Like losing half of your viewership, it shows that nobody really wanted to pay attention to it.

Lebron got his championship

It only took Lebron time to find a home where he knew that there could be a lot of potential in winning a championship with the Lakers. After Kobe Bryant passed at the beginning of the year, it was destiny that the Lakers were going to win the NBA Finals. It wasn’t a pretty road that they went down to get where they were, but it still showed that there was a lot of potential for the team.

I think the biggest thing to happen is that Lebron actually wanted the season to stop when the shooting of Jacob Blake happened but they had just got their season back on track so nobody else wanted to stop. This has been a very eye-opening experience but at the same time that there was a lot of unnecessary drama that was involved and it goes to show that this sport is at the bottom of my list to watch.

One thought on “The NBA Finals…and a Victory Everybody Saw Coming (I hope)

  1. I give LeBron a lot of respect for what he accomplished this season. Winning a fourth NBA title for anyone is huge and it was the things he was doing off the court as well that gave him my respect. To be honest I wasn’t expecting this finals series to be as close as it was. I really give Miami props for how they performed in the bubble, especially in the playoffs. Beating the first seed in the playoffs is huge especially when the Bucks had the best record in the league on top of their star player Giannis. I thought Jimmy Butler really proved himself this season that he has what it takes to lead a team and I think Miami is going to be a dangerous team for the next few years.

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