Packers and the 49ers

I’m shocked that it has taken me this long to talk about the Green Bay Packers on this blog, but now I think is the right time for it. In a game that I thought we had some good odds in, granted San Francisco barely had enough offensive players to play in this game, it is still nice to know that we can get revenge on them from last year.

Last Year

In a season that saw both of these teams in the playoffs-one team ultimately going onto the Super Bowl, this is the match-up that most people wait to see. Both times that these two teams played each other last year, the 49ers won, including the playoff game. San Francisco had our number last year (they won both games with 37 points). It was a team last year that could not play in the state of California to save their lives either.

2020…Because Why Not?

This year has been nothing but strange for the NFL. Not only has Covid had something to do with it, but also there is a lot injuries to teams. At the beginning of the week, we didn’t even know if we were going to have a game because on Monday it was reported of a positive Covid case with the Packers, Tuesday it was announced that the game would happen as scheduled, Wednesday the 49ers shut down their facilities because of a positive case result and then comes Thursday-game day. I personally think the game should have been bumped to a different time but the NFL just wants to get its ratings back on track.

By a final score of 34-17, the Packers got their revenge on the 49ers. The all-time series record improves to 37-32-1 with the Packers in the lead. This record also includes the eight postseason games played. Let’s just hope the Packers can keep this going throughout the rest of the season.

2 thoughts on “Packers and the 49ers

  1. Hey Kim,
    I agree it was awesome to see the Packers win against the 49’s after what they did to us last year. I know they did not have nearly the same offense as they did last season that game, but a lot can be said about how well we played against that defense. There were maybe 2 players that are not regular starters playing on that defense and the Packers still dismantled them. A great team win going forward!
    -Lukas Matzke

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