Baseball Awards from a Shortened Season

Covid-19 is something that has affected us all personally, either yourself getting it or a family member getting. One thing is for sure though, it had major implications on all of sports this year. This past week, the Baseball Writers Association of America came out with their awards like the MVP and the CY Young awards, with a new award being given out each day of the week.

Rookie of the Year

The Rookie of the Year awards is that one award that is about the equivalent of the CY Young Award. Earning this award is promising because it’s basically saying that the writers want to see these players continue to be great. For the National League, it was Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher Devin Williams. It is nice to see this local star get the recognition that he deserves. For the American League, it was Seattle Mariners outfielder Kyle Lewis. Lewis received an unanimous vote from the writers.

Manager of the Year

The Manager of the Year awards are ones that usually surprise me in who are the three nominees in each league. In the American League, it was Tampa Bay Rays’ Kevin Cash. Taking his team to the World Series, Cash was able to make a shortened season something amazing for the team that has struggled over the years. For the National League, it was Miami Marlins’ Don Mattingly. This one was a shock to me that he was picked over Dave Roberts of the Los Angeles Dodgers but I love this pick because that team has also been in a rebuilding mode for a while.

CY Young Award

The Cy Young Award goes to the best pitcher in each league. There is always someone who stands out each year but there is one pitcher who stands out above all of the other pitchers in the league. In the National League, it was Trevor Bauer of the Cincinnati Reds. This guy has always been a firecracker, but now he’s got the best award. Shane Bieber from the Cleveland Indians was the winner of the American League. It was great to see these former teammates earn this award.

MVP Award

This is the biggest award for the season to get, even if the World Series is something that your team gets as well. I know personally this is a major award and really improves a players resume when it comes time for free agency. In the American League, it was Jose Abreu from the Chicago White Sox. On the National League side, it was Atlanta Braves’ Freddie Freeman. These two were considered the top players in their respectable leagues.

Congratulations to all of the award winners on a job well done during a shortened season. All we can do now is wait for next season and hope it is the full length season with fans in the stands.

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