Wednesday, March 15th, 2017...2:45 am

Go To Sleep

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I can’t stress it enough, the importance of sleep is so important! Sleep is the primary thing for your body to recover and regain its composure. Sleep is important not only for what you generally think of when I say physical body like your legs, and upper-body but also very important for your brain! Mind and body are both important for the athlete because the body gets you the results but the mind helps you get there. Sleep not only keeps you more alert but also balances out your hormones, improves reaction time, strengthens your immune system, and much more. The recommended amount of sleep you should get in hours for an athlete is anywhere from 8-10 hours.


As an athlete sleep is even more important because your body gets stressed easier from your workouts and the stress you put on your mind as well. That is why the sleep amount is higher for athletes than for non-athletes. If you are a younger athlete still in your developmental stages it is even more important for you to get your sleep because you’re in the prime of your muscle and bone growth and development. All athletes should attempt the best they can do to get the recommended amount of sleep so that they can function. Now¬†with your sleep in addition to a nutrition and hydration plan, and your workouts you will operate at optimal ability and stay ahead of the competition.

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