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Cold and Flu Season Supplements

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It seems like many of the students here at UW-Whitewater are coming down with some form of sickness so once again that means that flu season is upon us. During this time it is important to take care of your body. Below I will list three must implement things to supplement into your diet to keep you healthy during this flu season. It’s important to stay healthy and not get sick as that could sidetrack your progress as an athlete.

clear-water-glass1. Water


No surprise here but water is my number one choice. Water is so essential and I am willing to bet all of us can drink more water in a day. Water flushes out toxins and regulates your body to keep it healthy so it is essential. As a general rule of thumb, you don’t have to pay attention to drinking so many eight ounce glasses a day like you’ve heard before; instead, sip on water throughout the day to keep regulated and to not burn yourself out too quick. Pay attention to your urine color as well as it should be clear throughout the day and if it becomes yellow you must start drinking more water again.


2. Vitamin D



Vitamin D is essential for cold and flu season because our easiest source of vitamin D comes from the sun which isn’t always out during flu season. If the sun isn’t out then you can feel free to run to the nearest drugstore to pick up either a multivitamin that includes ┬ávitamin D or just vitamin D supplements if you’re very deficient in it. Regular use of Vitamin D is advised instead of just using it on a case by case basis.


3. Immune Boosters



A quick and easy way to help boost your immune system to fight off a virus is to buy an immune system booster. These come in easy to swallow pills or other forms that help strengthen the immune system to combat viruses.

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