Finding a Job

I believe doing what makes you happy is always the route you should take in life. That is why I have decided to move without having a job lined up. It is tough knowing that I am moving and could potentially not have the perfect job lined up right away. Moving right after college can be stressful, but it is certainly doable. I am staying this summer in my hometown to work a lot and save up money for the apartment that my boyfriend and I will be living in, the reason being, why I am waiting to find a job at the moment. I will be working the job that I am currently working right now, over the summer, so I will not have to worry about finding a job during the summer. Just work, work, work and save, save, save. This will help save what I need to in order to start my journey down south. 

One aspect of looking for a job is searching on different job sites to help you narrow down what you are looking for. I am starting to search on Indeed and LinkedIn to find different jobs out there that are either virtual or in South Carolina. Right now I am searching for social media managing jobs, event management jobs, digital marketing, and many more. I have a wide variety of experience in most of these jobs that I am looking at, which will help me narrow down what I will like and the different benefits that the job will provide me.

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