Adapting to a New City

One thing I am the most excited about is exploring. My first time going to South Carolina will be in June for a wedding. I knew ever since I was little that I wanted to move somewhere warm. South Carolina also has great jobs for me down there, with what I want to do. It will definitely be an experience for me to start somewhere completely new and not even know what the city is like at first. Well, I have done lots of research on Charleston, and am more than excited to move and get down there after exploring online the jobs, beaches, golf courses, monuments, and so much more. 

Charleston, S.C. was named the #1 U.S. city in Travel + Leisure’s 26th annual World’s Best Awards reader survey. The city, which earned a Hall of Fame distinction, also finished #17 on the survey’s list of best cities in the world, the only U.S. location to do so.

Not only that, I will be exploring Charleston for about a week in June and will get to see and experience everything I have been researching. Going down there for the wedding before should definitely help me adjust to Charleston before fully moving. 

Charleston - Indigo Inn | Downtown Charleston Hotel | Official Website

A few things on my list in order to adapt to this new city will be to meet new people, discover the area, and give myself some time to adapt. My boyfriend will be moving down there before me, so he will be able to meet some new people while I am still in Wisconsin. He will be making some friends down there so, hopefully, it will be easier for me to jump right in. Discovering the area, as I said, is going to be my favorite part. Since I have never been, it’s like exploring a city on vacation but never having to leave. I think that’s the fun part! You get to try all the restaurants, go to different places that are known to Charleston, and not have to waste any time doing it! Giving myself time to adapt to a new place will be easy for me because I love new places and traveling, but it will definitely be an adjustment for me because my family won’t be near me. That will be the hardest part. My family means the world to me and leaving them will be heartbreaking. Although, I am certainly hoping that at least my mom decides to follow me!(:

2 thoughts on “Adapting to a New City

  1. It sounds like you did a lot of research on Charleston before making the decision to move down there. I also think it’s smart to experience the city first like you are doing by attending the wedding. That way you can truly get a feel for the city when you are there. I hope you have fun!

  2. I couldn’t imagine not visiting a place before I fully move there so I’m glad that you get to at least visit for a bit before fully engulfing yourself there. My favorite part about traveling to a new place is trying out the local spots and finding your favorites there. I think doing this can help make it feel more like home and help get you settled there even faster.

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