Acquiring New Hobbies

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The Ocean Course

Living in South Carolina is a lot different than living in Wisconsin. You are able to be outside and do things all year round. This means, new hobbies! While I can do most things the same in Wisconsin during the summer as in South Carolina, what really gets me excited is all year long. I am able to go golfing, go on walks, and sit by the beach, while it still being warm. I love going to craft fairs, concerts in the park, farmers’ markets, and more in the summers here, and now I can do that whenever I would like! Not only is South Carolina beautiful, but it is also known for drawing in visitors with its horse-drawn carriages, cobblestone streets, award-winning restaurants, gorgeous sandy beaches, and astonishing golf courses.

 I am the most excited about the amazing seafood down there. I am going to try as many seafood restaurants as I can when I go down there for a wedding in June. But, only have a couple days to do that. Once I move, the first place that I will be trying is the Charleston Crab House. Not only is it rated 4.5 stars, everything is priced reasonably. They also have other food other than crab, which is nice as well. The Crab House is known for its World Famous Steam pots that I will be trying first thing when I try. 

Last spring for my birthday I received a golf set and I will most definitely be getting lots of use out of that when moving down there. The golf courses down there are some of the best in the nation and while I am still getting used to how to play, I am exhilarated to be able to play on the courses. Golfing will be one of my top hobbies when I move because of the beautiful views and golf courses in South Carolina. 

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Hilton Head Beach

Home is where the beach is, for me. I love the beach so much and the water. Living by the beach, I will definitely be there so much that I get sick of it. But, there are also some of the best beaches in South Carolina as well. For instance, Hilton Head is a great beach for bike riding, walks, and lots of wildlife views. I am going to love waking up to sunsets and going on morning walks. 

Lots more hobbies to acquire once I am down there, but these hobbies alone are enough to make me happy and excited for the move!

2 thoughts on “Acquiring New Hobbies

  1. It sounds like you have a lot in mind for when you get down there! I’m sure it will be interesting to have a different climate and be able to do certain things that you couldn’t in certain months here in Wisconsin. Also, that seafood restaurant sounds phenomenal.

  2. I love traveling south because there are endless activities to do. Just based on that, I would move down there too but I don’t love the heat. I didn’t know a lot about South Carolina and what there is to do there but I’ve always heard it’s a really nice vacation spot. It sounds interesting enough that I might even think about traveling there eventually. It sounds very cool and exciting there.

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