Packing Up Belongings

This crucial step in moving is my specialty. Granted I won’t be packing up my belongings any time soon, but I definitely need to think of the steps that need to be taken in order for the packing process to be organized and efficient. The packing process can be certainly stressful for most, but what I am here to tell you is that it can be easy! Especially when unpacking as well. 

The first step I will be proceeding with the packing process will be, having a designated packing area. I am still living with my parents up until I move, so our living room will most likely be my designated packing space to keep everything in the same spot. Having a designated spot helps with keeping yourself organized while being able to pack more as you go. If you are just throwing your stuff around in different piles everywhere and are not smart about it, it can get chaotic and stressful. 

To continue the packing process, it is essential to label your boxes. Writing on a piece of tape and labeling what the items are, is a great way to differentiate the boxes. Label makers are awesome to have because they are a lot neater and most likely won’t fall off in the moving process like tape would. If you are using cardboard boxes that you know you will just throw out after moving, you can also just write on the boxes as well. This helps stay organized when packing and unpacking. If you do not label your boxes, you will have trouble knowing what specifics go where. 

My last step is making a list. Make a list of the stuff I don’t need to bring with me, the things I still need to purchase in order to be on my own in an apartment, and the things I still need to pack. This might seem overwhelming, but in the end, it is all worth it. You will feel organized, less stressed out, and the packing process could overall be fun! My do not pack list, will consist of things I will not need to bring with me. For example, toilet paper, soap that’s being used, toothbrushes, etc. These things just take up lots of room that can be space used for something else and it won’t be going to waste if left. The things I still need to buy list is anything my parents have in their house that I feel as if I would need, living with just my boyfriend. Items I still need to pack will consist of everything still in the process or has not started yet. I am really excited about this journey and this step could be fun if you make it fun!

Get packin’!

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