Hello everyone,

My name is Emily and I am a senior graduating in May with a degree in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. My blog is intended for myself and my journey of moving out of state. After graduation, I am planning on moving to South Carolina in late August, early September. I could not be happier to do something new with my journey and to experience more. Especially do it with my boyfriend, Nick. I am bringing you along on my journey going through all of the different ideas and steps that go into moving, especially for your first time. First, I will take you through the planning and organizing process. Then, find an apartment and job. Meeting new people and stepping out of my comfort zone a bit. Going to South Carolina to actually experience it more in the summer before moving down there. I will then take you on my journey to packing up everything and the moving process. Last but not least, unpacking, decorating, seeing, and adapting to the new city. Come along on this exciting journey with me!