Making the Journey to South Carolina

My first step in making the journey down south is to find a reliable moving company that will be able to move my things down. Otherwise, my other option is to rent a Uhaul and have one of my parents drive that down for me, while I drive my car. I don’t have too much stuff for moving because this will be my first time having my own kitchen and such. After that, I have to think about whether or not I am going to be stopping on my way down there. Would we need to stay in a hotel one night and do the rest of the trip in the morning? That is something I have to figure out for my journey to South Carolina. While I’m still not even near the moving date, I still want to make sure I have everything planned out in advance, so it is easy breezy when moving time comes. The date will be here in no time! What I am most worried about is the drive down by myself, in my car. Granted, I’m assuming someone will end up coming with me. Hopefully one of the rents, so they can drive some, maybe most, of the way there.(: 

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Once I arrive, my boyfriend will already be down there and ready to get me all moved in. We will be moving into an apartment, mentioned in previous blogs, so hopefully, everything will fit through doors, elevators, and stairwells (if needed). My parents, boyfriend, and his parents will help us get all unpacked and settled. Here comes the fun part. Shopping! We need to shop for all of our essentials. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, body wash, soap, etc. Plus, all of the non-essential items like a desk chair, or any kitchen utensils. Anything that we would need that we did not bring or did not have, needs to be bought at the store in South Carolina. After, it’s all organizing from there!

3 thoughts on “Making the Journey to South Carolina

  1. I haven’t read any of your previous posts but I think this is a really cool topic. It’s fun reading about your new adventure and how you get yourself ready to make the big step. I like this post specifically because it’s interesting to see what all goes into actually moving your belongings across country, I’ve always wondered if that was a difficult task so it’s cool to learn the different ways you can do it. I will definitely have to go back and read your other posts and keep up with your posts. Good job!

  2. Moving can be scary but it will lead you to so many fun adventures and experiences. I find moving to be a lot of work and I cannot imagine moving out of state. Reliability is super important because you do not want your belongings to be damaged or end up missing. I wish you the best of luck with your move! You will make lifelong memories.

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