Unpacking and Decorating

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Unpacking and decorating is one of my favorite parts because you are able to see an empty space, come to life with all your belongings and style. I think it is highly important to decorate and organize the best way that fits your style and where you are living. For instance, if you are living somewhere warm, it is great to have pops of colors such as blue or a pastel yellow in your color scheme. This gives warmth to your place without doing too much work. What I will be doing is either having a lot of greenery in the apartment to brighten up the space or adding navy blue accents to our place. Once you have your color scheme picked out, it is easier to buy things and decorate. Now, you are able to work around the color, and what your house or apartment looks like. If you are going with a black or white monotone look, a bright kitchen, lighting, and a clean/sleek look is a great way to balance out your color scheme. 

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When first unpacking everything, our color scheme of either green or blue will help me organize and decide what I want and where. Although it will be stressful to unpack, you have to get past the first couple of stages and make sure you are taking breaks in between. You don’t want to stress yourself out all in one day. It takes time and it all doesn’t have to come together in one day. Remember, you can always change something. Nothing is permanent. If you are unsatisfied with how your kitchen setup looks, switch it around a couple of ways, play around with it, and add some different colors. Make it homey and specialized to your liking, because that’s the only way you will be satisfied. While I am still far ways away from coming close to packing or unpacking, it is always fun and great to think about in advance to prepare your plans to make it easier on yourself in the future.

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