The ford F-150 has been around for quite some time, in fact since 1975. Not only has it been one of the best selling pick up trucks of all time but its also one of the cheapest. In comparison the F-150 was deemed cheaper than all of competing truck producers. However since its debut it has come a very long way. Now integrating advancements in technologies that even 10 years ago would have been laughable. Ford has completely redesigned the vehicle into a heavy duty, safe, and affordable truck. For the sake of this post I will go on to talk about the latest and greatest for F-150.

Below is the 2019 Ford F-150. Starting at a measly $28, 155 dollars, it offers a variety of packages and and additions that can make your car seem more personal.


Considering that actual usage of a daily truck driver it stands quite well in terms of its statistical information. Its gas millage for example comes in at and average of 23 MPG. Add this to a 25 plus gallon tank and you have a travel capacity of over 500 miles. Now a days most of the modern fords come with turbocharged V-6 motor. This is what allows for a much better gas millage and further more saving at the pump. At the end of this motor comes a smooth 6 or 10 speed automatic transmission that gives a wide range of power levels. Of course the truck also comes standard with optional 4 wheel drive. Some of the biggest changes to come with this truck are the optional trip packages. There are now currently never before seen “high end” limited trim options.

Personally my father owned an F-150 for many years and I always thought it was a great truck. Heck, I even drove it across country during a rode trip. More specifically though one thing that always impressed me was the roominess. The backseats in the truck was the size of a twin bed, giving you more than enough space or storage or sleeping. The Ford was also always reliable, even at 130,000 miles there were few to no issues at all. In my eyes it always maintained and got me where I needed to go. Even if that was 2,000 miles away from home.