Taken By: Aidan Roesler

Over the years the Nissan Altima has changed quite considerably. The picture above is a 2008 model, now 11 years later the design and overall layout of the car has change drastically.The latest and greatest 2019 model is a more technologically advanced machine than this previous model ever was. The newest Altima comes with a vast amount of new features and specifications. First off, it now comes with an intelligent forward collision warning system. It also luckily comes with automatic emergency breaking for last second prevention controls. Unlike the older model is also comes with an 8 way power adjustable drivers seat. For the actual inside it comes with an 8 inch touch screen display that includes Apple CarPlay.

This car in not only much more advance than its previous model but it also comes with a more affordable price tag. Starting out at only $23,900 it really is one of the best bangs for the buck. The modernized version of this car has proven to be quite popular as I see them almost every day. As far as the engine goes for this car it has also been revamped. It includes a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine. Being able to produce between 182 and 236 horsepower depending on the sub model that is purchased. Concerning the gas mileage of this car it actual does very well. Getting  28 MPG in the city and a staggering 39 MPG on the highway.

Overall my personal opinion of this car is pretty high. One of my first cars ever was a Nissan Altima and i loved it. But since then with all of the changes they have made to the car, I think its even better. With the specs ive given its easy to see why this car is great. It’s affordable, yet stylish and modern, yet comfortable. The positives for this car seem to be obvious, but what about downsides. There are a few, but one I can think of would also be its advantage. Although the car is fairly cheap in comparison 20,000 plus dollars is still a lot for much of the population.

In conclusion I think this would be a great car for any style or type of driver, Being affordable and having many feature comforts makes this car very desirable and popular. I would indeed recommend this car to anyone interested in the brand.