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The “Fresh, never frozen” restaurant is known for its meats and use of social media. Let’s see how their food actually tastes.

Let’s see what was included:

  • 4 piece chicken nuggets (they gave me a bonus nugget too)
  • Choice of fries or apple bites
  • Choice of milk, bottled water, or Honest Kids juice
  • Choice of dipping sauce
  • Toy (not included in this review, but is offered to children under 3)

Score: 9/10


The price of this meal was $3.99 before tax and came out to be about $4.15 after. I think this is a standard and cheap price point. Considering you get four nuggets, a side and drink, this is a very good price for what you get.

Score: 8/10

Size portion

These nuggets are very similar to the McDonald’s, with the size and taste. They are about the size of a kid’s palm, perfect for a kid’s meal. I think that the other restaurants that give two large tenders versus the four nuggets resemble each other through the amount of food you get, plus they are around the same price points. Therefore, as the other reviews, this meal would fill up a smaller/kid’s stomach.

Score: 9/10

Dipping Sauces

The choice of dipping sauces included:

  • Buttermilk ranch
  • Creamy sriracha
  • BBQ
  • Sweet & Sour
  • Honey Mustard

The ranch was very bland. You could see the seasoning flakes in the ranch, but I was let down. Usually buttermilk ranches are the best, but this one I could’ve gone without. The choices were good, they are more extensive than just the usual ranch and BBQ.

Score: 6/10


Like what was said above, these nuggets are very similar to McDonald’s through the taste as well as the size and breading. The nuggets had a crisp breading outside, with a mediocre inside. I would be disappointed if these were labeled tenders, as tenders have stringy chicken meat on the inside and these nuggets were more spongy than anything. If you like McDonald’s nuggets, you would like these as well. The ranch was OK, as the ranch was buttermilk but didn’t have much flavor that usual buttermilk ranch has. The fries resemble McDonald’s as well, but a bit more soggier/raw.

Score: 5/10


Score: 7.4

Stick to Wendy’s Burgers. Avoid the nuggets.

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  1. Hunter Gavin Little :

    Date: November 25, 2020 @ 4:46 am

    Hey! When it comes to Wendy’s, I’ve spent the last month studying their brand for another class which involved eating their food quite a bit! Their nuggets aren’t the best but for the price, they’re absolutely fantastic. Great score and thank you for your post!

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