As we start off this New Year, many of our resolutions can be to eat healthier or exercise more and often it is more difficult to keep the routine going after setting the goal. If your goals in the New Year relate to starting a better daily routine while incorporating more activity or exercise in your regular day, then this blog is for you! This blog will hopefully help you start doing exercise and more movement in your day without it being a strain on the amount of time you have. Start your New Year off with a fresh routine and use these tips to help guide you!

  1. Make your bed
    • Starting your day off by making your bed gets your blood moving and wakens your muscles, and when you come home from a long day you can appreciate the beautiful bed you made in the morning. 
  2. Do 10 of some exercise
    • Right before or after getting dressed for your day do 10 jumping jacks, or 10 push-ups, or crunches, etc. This is an easy amount to commit to and eventually you can add 5 or 10 on as time goes on.
  3. Squat while brushing your teeth
    • This one is super easy to either keep squatting up and down the entirety of the time you brush your teeth in the morning and night, or you can hold your squat in a chair pose. You will likely brush your teeth longer so you’re also getting cleaner teeth and stronger glutes! 
  4. Park just a bit farther
    • Stop looking for the parking spot closest to the front of your destination and park closer to the back of your destination to get more walking in. Same goes for shopping in strip malls or outlets where the stores are more spread out, walk instead of driving closer to where you want to go. 
  5. Walk to the mailbox
    • It’s simple to stop your car by your mailbox on your way home, but similar to the tip above, park your car and walk back to get your mail. 
  6. Clean
    • Cleaning your house, bedroom, office space, or bathrooms can be overwhelming but set a time to work in a way to not give up. Something small like dusting or cleaning up clutter gets you moving while getting a clean house out of it! 
    • Organizing also is a great way to organize your home while breaking a sweat to clear clutter from your space for a better mindset as well. 
  7. Take the stairs
    • Instead of taking the elevator try taking the stairs even if it takes stopping halfway and taking the elevator the rest of the way. Using the stairs is great cardiovascular exercise even if it takes you a long time to climb them. 
  8. Schedule a walk break
    • Whether you are a college student or working at a full-time job, find time in your day to go outside and walk even for 15 minutes to clear your head and find that time to exercise. It’s not much but more than you would have been doing before!
  9. Keep your yoga mat or weights by your TV
    • The next time you are laying on the couch watching TV squeeze in some exercise while relaxing. It will also aid you in sleeping better from more activity in the evening. 
  10. Wash your own car
    • It’s very easy, especially in winter, to drive up to the car wash and be done in a few minutes. It can be tricky but taking any opportunity you can to wash your own car, is a must. So, save your money and get your muscles going to scrub down your own car! 

I hope these few tips help you to start a healthier New Year and you are able to incorporate more activity and movement throughout your day! 

Strive for progress not perfection!

Kayla Withrow