Managing Stress During Finals

Managing Stress During Finals

With final exams finally here, this time of the year is usually quite stressful for a lot of
students. Most homework assignments are being completed and turned in and exams are on
the horizon. The average student at UW-Whitewater takes around five college courses at a time
which is equivalent to around 15-17 credits. This means that many students have to prepare for
about five exams all taken within one week. For me personally, I think what is most stressful is
the fact that all of the exams fall around the same time, or even the same day. I also usually
have various final projects that are due or lengthy final papers. Whatever your college final
exam schedule may look like, I made a list of five tips for managing your stress during finals
week. Hopefully trying these things will help you stay calm and relaxed during your final exam

Five Tips for Managing Stress During Finals:

● Make a Study Schedule
○ With a number of classes on your plate, final exam schedules can get jumbled
together. Personally, I like to make a document of what day and time each of my
final exams are and when all of my final papers and projects are due. After that, I
like to add in times that I am planning on studying for each course. I also write
down what time I am going to take to myself to relax, cook, or workout. This
schedule helps me stay on top of things so I do not stress myself out even more
than I already do.

● Practice Self Care Habits
○ Whether you are making notecards for a final exam, memorizing vocabulary, or
writing a paper, it is always important to practice self care. Get into the habit of
checking in on yourself and your mental health. Self care can be as easy as
going to get a workout in, making yourself a nutritious meal, or having a spa
night. Whatever it may be, do it! Finals are proven to be one of the most stressful
times of the year especially for college students. Take some time to check in on

● Unplug from Social Media
○ This tip seems like a given, but sometimes it can be one of the hardest things to
do. I myself probably have an unhealthy obsession with scrolling on social media.
It makes it harder to stop when you know you have something to do like study or
write a paper. Set a timer on your phone for thirty minutes to an hour and put it
down and out of sight. Once the timer goes off you can take a small study break
and then set the timer again. This helps you stay focused and off of your phone!

● Get a Good Amount of Sleep
○ This is another tip that sounds super simple, but a lot of us are not doing it. An
average person needs eight hours of sleep to function properly. However, a lot of
college students find themselves going to sleep at late hours of the night and
having to wake up early. Especially during final exams week this sleep is so
important. You do not want to be trying to keep your eyes open during one of the
most important exams of the semester do you?

● Focus on Time Management
○ As mentioned earlier, having a schedule is a great way to keep yourself on task.
This comes along with time management. During finals week there are no more
classes. This means that you do not really have a set schedule other than your
final exam times. Make sure you prioritize time management when it comes to
your school work.

There are so many more tips and tricks to help you not only manage your time and stress during
finals week, but also how to stay organized and in a positive mindset. Click here to read more
tips on finals week and mental health! And click here for tops on coping with the stress of
college. Happy studying to you all and cheers to the new year!

Do not get discouraged,

Cora Shircel