Satisfying (and healthy) Summer Snacks!

Summer. Time to cut back on those late night binge snacks and constant, not so healthy, foods.  It’s when we all try and better what we eat and hit the gym a little more that usual to keep up the “summer bod.”  But sometimes it can be challenging to find food that is healthy, quick and easy to fit all of our hectic summer schedules.  Well, today you are in luck because I have five different, healthy summer snacks that are perfect for any trip, travel plan, picnic, lunch addition or midday craving.

  1. Balanced Breaks 

Okay. Truth be told, these snack packs are my absolute favorite. *Insert heart eyes here*  They are so yummy and have a wide variety of packs to choose from. There are regular balanced breaks which include some kind of nut, cheese and cranberry or raisin, sweet balanced breaks to help curb your sweet tooth craving with a little chocolate or sweeter treat, and sunrise balanced breaks for all of our “on the go” breakfasts (and we all know we have those days).  These snack packs are perfectly portioned and are much healthier choice than chips, crackers, or a handful of chocolate chips.  If you have never tried these before, I HIGHLY recommend.  You can find them at any grocery store or store that sells produce.

  1. Natural Almond To Go Packs

These Blue Diamond natural almond “On the Go” packs come in a very close second to the Balanced Breaks snacks.  Almonds are one of my favorite foods to snack on during the day because they are healthy, taste delicious, and are a good chip or cracker replacement.  Having these to go packets are awesome because it makes it so easy to throw them in your gym bag, lunch box, purse, car, carry on bag, whatever it may be.  I love the natural almonds because they don’t have any salt and still taste amazing but Blue Diamond also carries them in other kinds such as lightly salted and sea salt.

  1. Made Good Granola bites

Made Good granola bites were a recently new discovery for me and let say, they are FABULOUS!  There are five different kinds of the granola bites (apple cinnamon, mixed berry, chocolate chip, strawberry, and chocolate banana) and allare amazing. These bites are for everyone and are deliciously healthy.  They are peanut and tree nut free, made with nutrients found in a serving of vegetables, non GMO, organic, and gluten free.  These are also in to go packets which makes it super easy to carry with you wherever you are going for an easy snack at any time of the day.  You can find these on Amazon and buy them in bulk which is the

   4.  Frozen Watermelon Slices

Frozen watermelon slices might just be the easiest snack you could ever make for yourself.  Pretty self explanatory.  Cut a watermelon in triangular slices, insert a popsicle stick in the bottom of them, and freeze!  So simple, yet so easy and refreshing.  These are
awesome as a summer snack, ice cream or popsicle replacement, or easy party snack for everyone to enjoy.  Cause I mean, who doesn’t love watermelon, right?

  5.  Frozen Green Grapes

Alright, I lied before.  Frozen green grapes are definitely the easiest snack you could make for yourself. Ha!  Keep a bowl of green grapes in the freezer for a couple hours and voila! Done.  This snack goes right along with the frozen watermelon slices.  Super good for a midday snack or party dish that is healthier than any popsicle loaded with sugar and is also super refreshing. You don’t always have to use green grapes but I think they taste the best because they are more tart 🙂 red grapes work just as good!

I hope these five satisfying (and healthy) snacks are helpful for your summer days no matter what you are doing or where you are going. 


Stay fit, stay healthy, stay beautiful Warhawks!

Talk soon,

Ashley Borowski




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