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It had been a long day, so heading into my final challenge at 7pm took a lot of motivation. I had never done Yoga before, and I was worried about the amount of people that would be there. If only one or two people showed up, the instructor might single me out, and correct my form. If there was a ton of people, would I even get a good workout, or get lost in the class?

I was nervous going into my first Group Fitness class here in the Williams Center,  but luckily that’s not where the story ends.

At first it was easy. Too easy. I had been a football player in high school, so maybe I was just stronger and more fit than I thought. I only had about 5 minutes to think those self-righteous thoughts before the instructor showed us a pose that really tested me. It was some sort of squat-lunge and it’s not that it was hard to get into, but it was hard to hold it. And hold it. And hold it! I thought she would keep us there for the whole hour class, but just as my body couldn’t take it anymore, the instructor gave the command to switch sides. Phew!

As my appreciation and respect for Yoga grew, so did the pain and soreness in my legs. I wanted to give this workout everything I had, so I re-focused my thoughts, and tried to complete the poses. It was tough, but i finally made it to the last pose, which left me resting on my back.

At the end of each Group Fitness Yoga class, there is a 5 minute savasana, a resting period to help your body cool down, and allow your mind to be focused on recovery. I needed it badly. By the time i was up and cleaning off my yoga mat, my legs felt like Jello, but I absolutely knew that I was going to come back next week.

Group Fitness can be intimidating. No one wants to be judged on fitness, especially the first day of the class. However, the Group Fitness Instructors aren’t there to grade you like classroom teachers. They’re guides, helping to demonstrate try new methods of fitness. They’re friendly too. After coming to Yoga a few times, i had made friends with the instructor, Jenna, which was one more way to feel comfortable during Yoga sessions.

One last thing: Fitness is never instant. I had to keep up the motivation to show up every week at 7pm, which was no easy thing to do. I’m glad I did however, because I definitely notice a change in my life. I don’t have massive biceps or an 8-pack, but that was never the goal of Yoga. I feel more steady, and enjoy a calmer approach to life. I definitely have a stronger core and legs, and I’m comfortable with my body image in small-group settings. Yoga has been a great addition to my life, and it just might be perfect for you too. Why don’t you give it a try? Sure you’ll be nervous at first, but after 5 minutes of Yoga, you won’t have time to be nervous anymore!

Thanks for reading, I hope you reach your fitness goals!

Ethan Maurice

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