Summer Memories

Finally, school is over and summer is right around the corner Warhawks! Now that we have less prioritizes on our plate, we are able to have a nice, relaxing, fun and safe summer. Summer always goes by so fast that it is hard to remember everything you did. Memories are trying to be made before we go back to school in the fall, so why not try and remember all the good memories before we have to get back to business? When trying to think of how to remember everything that has happened to you this summer, there are many options for you to choose from.

  1. Take photos of places you have gone, memories you created or moments you have enjoyed. It goes by so fast.
  2. Create a Blog to help remember all the memories you create, big or small.
  3. When traveling to a vacation spot or a place you had so much fun at, get a souvenir to remember the memory you created there.
  4. Create a summer bucket list and cross things off as you accomplish them. Write, take pictures or take a souvenir from how that task made you feel.
  5. Make movie clips of an adventure or trip you went on to remember what you did when you went there.
  6. Take in the views and beauty of a place when traveling somewhere new.
  7. Try something new that you normally wouldn’t do.
  8. Make a memory box and label it as “Summer 2019” and fill with pictures and items of how you spent your summer.

Creating memories can help with having a positive mental health. Savoring positive memories, emotions and items can help when in a funk or not in a good mood. Individuals can look back on the memories and remember how those positive memories made them feel. Everyone loves the summer time and no one wants to forget it. As we get older and look back at these memories, we can appreciate the happiness we received from those adventures and appreciate all the people we met and the memories we created.

Start strong, Finish stronger

Emma O’Connor 

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