Looking out at the Summer Sky


Hey there Whitewater Student!

This is it! Whether you are a Freshman wrapping up your very first year of college, or a Senior preparing for the next chapter in your life, the end of our time here at Whitewater is coming to an end. For many students, that means that internships are starting soon, and that there will be no time between the end of the academic year and the transition into three months of professional work. But what about you time? Haven’t you worked hard all year? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I am fairly certain that you just busted your a** for 8 long months! If you ask me, you deserve to take some time for yourself. I understand that it may seem impossible to set aside that time, but honey, you deserve it!

The first piece of advice that I would like to give you is to PACK YOURSELF A HEALTHY LUNCH. Over the summer especially, it is super easy to just join in on a group order to that greasy pizza place down the street. Instead of breaking the bank or maybe your pants button, try to pack yourself something healthy and enjoyable. I promise this small trick will leave you feeling happier and healthier.

Something else to consider is that the weather is getting warmer! That means you should be outside enjoying your favorite activities! I have to believe that you get some time off from working your job. My best recommendation is that you use that time wisely. GET OUTSIDE AND HAVE SOME FUN. I promise there is nothing better than enjoying your favorite summer time activities with some close friends.

One last piece of advice I can give to you is to BE SPONTANEOUS AND WILLING TO TRY SOMETHING NEW. Try an outdoor yoga session or take a spur-of-the-moment trip with some friends or family! I promise you will not be disappointed in the results. Simply trying something new will allow you to explore parts of yourself that you never knew existed! And if nothing else, it will give you some pretty great stories to tell your next roommate.

With Summer on the horizon, it is pretty important that you remember this advice. You truly have worked hard this year, and now you deserve to be rewarded for that hard work.


|Stay motivated and don’t give up. Amazing things will happen|


Julia O’Connor

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