Signing Off……

It all started with that one measly interview question: What does Warhawk Fitness mean to you? I am pretty sure I had some basic answer like “it means being healthy and staying active on campus”. But now, as I am one week away from walking across the stage and becoming a UW-Whitewater Alumni, I think about that question and would like to change my answer…

Warhawk Fitness means “Family”.signing off

Throughout the past 3 and a half years, I have learned the in’s and out’s of working in a fitness facility, written glorious blogs that range from pooping to loving yourself for who you are, and my most rewarding experience, teaching kick-a** fitness classes to students/community members on campus. Although those experiences were some of the highlights of my college career (along with school, blah blah blah),  they weren’t the most important part.

The best part about being a Warhawk Fitness employee is the family that you are hired into. My co-workers are not just the people I get paid to be with, they are my best friends and my support system. I met my two best friends through WF, Danielle Hansen and Christine Panella (order doesn’t matter you guys….). Wait, scratch that, they aren’t just my best friends, they are more like the sisters I never had. From sneaking into local establishments together to crying over the most serious and also the most ridiculous life moments, they are my people.  Sure, they were each my managers at one point as well, but I would definitely say that was just a perk. I want to thank them for being the truest people I have ever met and showing me how to stand-up for myself and also embrace and accept my absolute, TOTAL weird personality, love you guys.

From University Fitness, the place you can show up and no matter who is working, they will make you laugh and show you love, because that is what the UF Family is all about. Then the PR team, where no matter what idea you have, it’s appreciated and constructively criticized. Also, Group Fitness, the group that helped me become the confident person that I am today. I wish I could write about each of you, but we have a character limit, so instead, to each and every one of you…THANK YOU. It’s been an honor jumping into freezing pools together, ensuring the safety of others, celebrating birthdays/random days of the week, and being the people that helped make Whitewater feel more like home. You are all awesome individuals, so please don’t ever change.

It’s been a true pleasure to be a part of the Warhawk Fitness family. My take away for you, the person reading my last blog ever, is that no matter where you are in your life, spend your time with people that bring out the best in you. Life is a crazy journey and it’s the people you meet along the way that make the roller-coaster a lot more fun and totally worth it.

Thank you everyone, and thank you readers. My time at UW-Whitewater will be unforgettable, but now it’s time to grow up. I am not sure what will be harder: wearing real clothes everyday, paying for a fitness membership or thinking of Wednesday night as just another weeknight….

Signing off….

Kenzi Weidman


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