Coming Home

A lot of students go through the joys of college during the year, and then have the all too real realization that they have to return home for the summer. Whether that be to save money, return to the job you’ve had since high school, or simply because you miss the family, everything has a purpose. But how do you feel when you suddenly get home and those joys are gone. Does anyone else feel the same way you do? A lot of what happens in this world effects your mental health! Mental health is the key to physical, emotional, and spiritual health!

I find that this article by, has the most accurate ancoming homed relatable 21 struggles of moving back in with your parents after college. While the article addresses recent grads it definitely relates to what you may or may not be feeling after your first year or even after that. Remember Warhawk Fitness is more then being physically fit, so we also care about how you’re doing mentally!


I’ll highlight a few that I find most relevant for our Warhawk lifestyle!


  1. Spending all day in bed in your pants watching Netflix no longer constitutes a valid use of time. But seriously! Who hasn’t had that week or two where dropping out of school hasn’t been a constant thought so you decided to “wisely” use your time and watch Netflix. Obviously you haven’t decided to drop out otherwise instead of reading this AWESOME blog, you’d be working at McDonalds. (Which in some cases is totally respectable, and responsible) But for some reasons parents don’t find this to be a valid use of time, maybe they need to go (for some, back) through college and remember how terrible some weeks are.


  1. Rather than house parties and day drinking you end up spending your weekends doing parent-y activities. Ah, the days of Spring Splash, St. Pattys, and that random nice week of day drinking are long past. You suddenly find yourself mowing the lawn or pulling weeds. Remember to actual try and find the enjoyment in these activities, while it may seem harder then initially thought, just enjoy the family aspect!


  1. You’ll probably get obsessed with whatever TV shows your parents like. For me, my guilty pleasure will always be, Grey’s Anatomy. First year back after freshman year, I found myself binge watching Grey’s with my mother after she was done with work. My mother is also a professor, so her and I binge watched the show quite often.


  1. And you’ll actually miss them a lot when you move out. While school was fun and a time you’ll never forget, you will always miss your family. You’ve been through hell and back with them, and even through all your mess ups throughout college, they’ve never been anything but understanding. Take this moment to shoot them a quick text and just thank them for everything they’ve done.


College is everything you make it, but for some of us we have to return home and get back to our roots after a year or two, or for some after graduation. Understand that everyone goes through these times that often, for a lack of better word, suck. We ALL have those times. Making sure we mentally prepare ourselves is crucial. While often times mental health gets overlooked for the physically fit side, Warhawk Fitness values it just as much as wanting to get “shredded, or jacked”

My last words for you before you all return home or start that job is to simply remember all the great times you’ve had during the year, and never take them for granted, things change, but the memories don’t.

“Success is a journey but we treat it like a place and it doesn’t make sense if you don’t you enjoy the ride.”


-Riley Pink

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