Apex Legends

Did I Accidentally Launch Borderlands 2? – Season 1 of Apex Legends has Dropped!

Is this now “old news?”


Is this post abysmally late?


But that won’t stop me! Apex Legends launched Season 1 and with it a Battle Pass, bought for 950 Apex Coins (Or roughly $9.50). It comes with a fair amount of features, all cosmetic. Skins for Legends and weapons, as well as new banners for season specific stats like wins and kills. Best of all though, if you level up the pass enough you gain 1000 Apex Coins, refunding your purchase!

But the more important release was by far the new Legend, Octane; And boy can this sucker move. With abilities to increase his own and his teams mobility, Octane might be the get out of jail free card that a team needs to get a win.

But with the new character and “frontier” theme, I can’t help but feel I’ve seen something like this before…

But maybe it’s just me.

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