Apex Legends

The Big Boys get their Buff









It’s long been known that when you play Gibraltar and Caustic that you put yourself at a disadvantage due to their large character rigs. While the last update fixed the issue enough for Pathfinder, these two were just too damn bulky for a hitbox tweak. Playing these two meant you were going to get shot more and go down more, flat out. So Respawn gave them both a new passive in addition to their current ones.

The damage they take now is reduced by 10%, for everything. Body shots, headshots, melee, explosives, the works. This gives them an effective 110 HP, and with full shields a total of 220 points of damage before they get downed. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it makes a huge difference in actuality. As a self proclaimed Caustic main I’ve already noticed that I now win some gunfights that I would always lose in the past. I no longer fear shotguns or high rate of fire smgs knowing that they’ll almost always hit me. Now, I finally feel like I’m on par with the other legends in the arena.

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