For Honor

The Samurai get a Horror Movie Villain as their New Hero

Doll heads, fog, mask, and a creepy ass voice. Sakura is here to claim your soul.

While the woman shown is Sakura, the class as a whole is called the Hitokiri. A Heavy, double headed axe wielding demon that seems to play like a slightly more graceful Shugoki while bringing the same punch. From what we’ve seen so far, she can do an infinite heavy chain that is broken by a light, and soft feint any heavy for a kick to the head or a sweep, guaranteeing an attack. She can also charge her heavies much like Shugo, so if you like him you’ll probably also like her. She’s due for release in about a week for season pass owners and 2 weeks for everyone else. Get your souls ready on a silver platter, cause this gal is going to take them quick.

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